A Luxe Noosa

A Luxe Escape is for those who are looking for an authentic and exclusive lifestyle experience in Noosa.  Our Luxury Escapes and Experiences take you beyond the Main beach to enjoy the best hidden secrets Noosa has to offer.  Whether it be a fine dining experience with chauffeur, an indulgent romantic weekend away or an adventurous Paddle Board Experience along Noosa's hidden groves.  

Allow us to tailor a  Luxe experience to enhance your time in Noosa with a seamless Luxury Escape.

A Luxe life is one rich in active experiences with a priority on wellbeing and lifestyle balance. While it is admirable to work hard towards life goals we are often in such a rush to get there that we forget how to be present in the moment.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the luxury of unique lifestyle and wellbeing experiences and reconnect with your own Luxe Escape.

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