A Luxe Escape
in Noosa - The Relaxation Capital of Australia

An luxury well being escape where the destination is YOU.      

Luxe Escapes are the leaders in Premium Escapes custom designed to create the perfect balance between relaxation, play and personal transformation and integrate personalised well being into a busy modern life.

We acknowledge you are the expert of your ideal experience, Luxe are here to return you to the most important destination in the world, the destination of you. 

Our team will carefully plan your itinerary to incorporate a range of exclusive wellbeing experiences designed to;       

  • Completely Reset Your Body
  • Deepen your experience of and connection to yourself
  • Explore new aspects of well being
  • Ignite your inner drive and creativity
  • Transform your life from the inside out
  • Cultivate daily practices that simplify your life
  • Embody a sense of flow in each area of your life

A Luxe life is one rich in active experiences with a priority on wellbeing and lifestyle balance. While it is admirable to strive towards life goals we are often in such a rush to get there that we lose ourself in the process. 

Luxe Escapes is about cultivating a life that balances ambition with presence to create an inspired life lived in vitality. 

The invitation is for those who are ready to embrace a life lived on your own terms to take the last escape you'll ever need. 

An escape where the destination is YOU. 

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