Luxe Escapes in Noosa

If you believe in connecting with the self, nourishing and moving the body and opening the mind while exploring natural surroundings, then talk to the team at Luxe about crafting your unforgettable Noosa experience. Whether you want a gentle relaxation or an intense challenge, your Luxe experience can be tailored to suit your needs and abilities with highly-trained and knowledgable guides, driven to deliver you the ultimate Noosa Luxe feeling.
- Kelly Carthy, Founder

Luxe Day Retreat - A Day Dedicated to being well.

A perfect day out in Noosa, dedicated to being well in paradise.


Remove yourself from the "busyness" of your life and return with a deeper place of presence. 

Imagine a retreat day designed completely for you.  

A day dedicated to your own well being.  

A day spent immersed in the tropical beauty of Noosa's stunning natural havens, secluded beaches and spectacular mountain top views with a guide personalizing tailoring the entire experience to drop you deeper into a sense of peace and genuine well being. 

"It was like my best friend had devoted a day to me.  I felt so looked after, nurtured and returned home feeling completely renewed." - Anna - Melbourne.

Luxe was never designed to have a set package as you are not a set package kind of person.  

This is a great gift for someone who has been overworked and is in need of a recharge and makes a great gift for that special person in your life. 

We especially love when that person you are gifting this day to is YOU.

  • Personalised Itinerary
  • Guided Meditation & Personal Fitness Sessions or Yoga
  • Plan to integrate well being into your day
  • Seasonal Organic Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Times Available


Our time is devoted to your day so that start time will depend upon your goal and where your schedule allows it. 


Rejuvenate In Noosa

A Morning to Reset and Renew

Take a guided meditation walk through the pristine Noosa National Park, where koalas are often spotted snoozing in gum trees. This rejuvenating tour ends with a “mind clearing” experience overlooking the crashing ocean followed by a brunch of local organic produce

The perfect way to begin or complete your stay in Noosa and return home with an empowered feeling of renewal.


  • Morning Nature Immersion - Start time as you like it.
  • Guided Meditation Walk through Nature
  • Tailored Being Well Strategy
  • Optional Healing Session
  • Organic Local Refreshments

Times Available


Early Riser - 6am , 7am


Sleep In - 9am , 10am

Luxe Relaxation Escape
Return a calmer version of you

Time to slow down and reset your life?

Are you looking for a way escape the chaos of modern life and drop into a deeper state of calm?  

Imagine an Escape that lifted you up from your life for a few days of complete relaxation and renewal in Noosa.  

Enjoying morning beach yoga sessions and floating meditations, rejuvenating healing treatments and gentle immersions in natures beauty.

Learn new ways to slow down the pace of your life and bring more joy and calm into each day offortlessly.

Experience the best of Noosa's local nature trails, hidden beaches and mountain top views.  

A completely tailored escape designed just for you. 

Some inclusions 

  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Mindful Luxe Eating Experience
  • Beach Yoga & Mindful Movement Sessions
  • Personalised Meditation for Calm Productivity
  • Unlock your own well being style
  • Guided Nature Trails
  • Massage & Spa
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation
  • Tailored Wellbeing Itinerary
  • Private Beach Yoga
  • Luxe Meals - Organic local seasonal produce
  • Therapeutic Massage

Times Available

Bookings are tailored to suit the guest requirements and based upon availability.

Enquire today for your personalised package.

Life Detox Retreat

Release that which no longer serves you.

What could happen if you released all that was holding you down in your life?

This retreat is designed to look beyond your diet and nutrition and more in depth at each aspect of your life for density that may exist in your system that is causing you stagnation in life. 

An opportunity to re-evaluate each domain of your life and design a well being strategy that can be implemented to support a more abundant and existence and un-limit your potential for vitality.

  • Pre-Escape Assessment
  • Tailored Plan
  • Organic Food Plan & Detox Nourishment
  • Daily Relaxation Massage & Meditation
  • Personal Expert Guidance and Support
  • Return to Life Integration And Follow Up Support

This escape requires a pre-interview to ascertain the level of detox designed for your retreat.  All aspects of your life are assessed to provide you with a personalised map for empowering your life moving forward. 

  • Luxury Accommodation in Noosa
  • Personalised Life Detox Plan & Expert Guidance
  • Organic Meals Delivered to you
  • Massage & Relaxation Sessions

Times Available

Due to the Highly Personalised nature of Luxe Escapes, availability is limited.  We advise booking well in advance to ensure your preferred date are available.


Luxe Private Charter Experience

May your dreams defy the law of gravity.

  • Pick up and Return to Accommodation
  • Tailored Helicopter Charter Experience
  • Fly of over the Fraser Coast
  • Luxury Picnic Hamper
  • Bottle of French Champagne

Times Available


This is a highly personalised tour so times are made according to guest preferences. 


Contact the Luxe Team for further information. 

Indulge in a completely personalised Luxe Escape

Whether it's a celebration of you, a special occasion, a wedding gift or an anniversary occasion.  Luxe Escapes are here to dedicate their time to creating your ultimate luxury in Noosa from private charter and personal concierge to uniquely Noosa experiences, private dining and spa.

Allow Luxe Escapes to make those moments in Noosa truly memorable. We work with the best to deliver an authentic and personalised experience of Australia's true paradise destination. 

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