Luxe Experiences in Noosa

If you believe in connecting with the self, nourishing and moving the body and opening the mind while exploring natural surroundings, then talk to the team at Luxe about crafting your unforgettable Noosa experience. Whether you want a gentle relaxation or an intense challenge, your Luxe experience can be tailored to suit your needs and abilities with highly-trained and knowledgable guides, driven to deliver you the ultimate Noosa Luxe feeling.
- Kelly Carthy, Founder

Morning Luxe Wellbeing Retreat

Does someone you know need a morning of retreat?

As the sun embraces the day and heads high, your energy levels should follow its lead and soar.

A Luxe morning retreat is perfect for that person you know who is always dedicating their time to others and doesn't give themselves any time out.  It could make a beautiful gift for someone you love or an investment in yourself. 

If you would like a personal retreat experience amongst the unique trails and natural wonders of Noosa this is the ultimate way to have an authentic Noosa experience.

Capture that paradise feeling and use it to power a unique Noosa adventure, revelling in the beautiful natural landscape.

Let this Noosa experience fill you with positive energy allowing you to return home re-energised from your Noosa escape.

This experience is designed for those looking for an express way to renew, restore and completely reset their body.

  • Morning Fitness or Yoga & Pilates Session
  • Strategies for incorporating calm into your day
  • Tailored Coaching Session
  • Mindfulness Nature Meditations
  • Luxe Organic Local Produce

Times Available

Commencement time is personalised to the individual.

Romantic Dusk Indulgence

Your personal guide will pick you up and deliver you to a beautiful setting for two. Access the best viewpoints to see the sun rest over inspiring Noosa backdrops and enjoy a selection of Noosa's finest local produce and refreshments of your choice.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a Birthday or just looking to impress the one you love with a unique experience.

Indulge in Noosa at dusk, there's nothing quite like it.


  • Pick up & Return Transport
  • Guided Nature Trail to Hidden Noosa
  • Luxury Picnic Set Up with Local Tasting Platter & Wine to Match

Times Available

Times depend upon the season.

Best time for 

September: - 4:15pm Pick up


Luxe Paddle Experience

Sunrise – Awaken Your Senses


Are you looking for the ultimate experience that silences the noise in your head and allows you to really drop into relaxation?  

Experience a deep sense of peace whilst exploring hidden secret groves unique to Noosa and enjoy a guided luxury wellbeing session like no other.  Rated as one of the top 95 experiences in Australia by QANTAS magazine and regarded by guests as the ultimate way to actively indulge in Noosa.

"The only sounds are warbling birds and the gentle lap of the water...a soft voice takes me through a breathing exercise.  When I eventually open my eyes all I can see is the deep blue sky."
Justine Costigan Editor of JetStar Magazine

Are you looking for the ultimate experience that silences the noise in your head and allows you to really drop into relaxation?

We wanted people to experience a new depth of relaxation that could be learnt here in the beauty of Noosa and taken anywhere in the world.

Rated as one of the top 95 experiences in Australia by QANTAS magazine and regarded by guests as the ultimate way to actively indulge in Noosa.

This immersion experience is unique to Luxe and will transform your sense of relaxation.

Imagine being able to experience a deeper state of relaxation than you've ever been able to achieve on your yoga mat?

What if you could capture this experience and return home being able to access a new depth of relaxation any time you wished?

This is the Luxe Paddle Experience - A floating meditation that takes you beyond Noosa.

  • Bespoke River Lesson / Yoga / Fitness / Pilates on Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Explore the Noosa River
  • Floating Deep Relaxation Immersion
  • Organic Refreshments

Times Available



Luxe Fitness Experience

Harness the energy of the sun as it rises over the ocean and enjoy a complete mind body transformation with our Luxe Fitness Beach session. This experience will begin with a beach personalised training session tailored to your specific fitness style. Reconnect to your inner athlete under the guidance and support of a professional trainer and rediscover a new way to do fitness and achieve real results.

Complete this experience with a mindful Yoga/Pilates session followed by a guided meditation with the the live ocean sound scape of the Pacific.

Refuel your body with a nourishing breakfast prepared for you of seasonally fresh, local, organic produce.

This package can be incorporated into a Full Day or Multi Day Escape or can be booked as a Luxe Experience.


  • Tailored Sunrise Beach Fitness Session
  • Luxe Nourish Breakfast
  • Take Home Mini Fitness Program
  • Follow Up Coaching Session (on return home)

Times Available

Commencement times are tailored to suit the individual.


Dusk Wellbeing

Complete your day with mindfulness at sunset in Noosa.

When the sun sets, so follows calm and rest.

The best way to end a day in Noosa is to take in the serenity of the sunset and treat your body to a relaxing movement and meditation session.

Gain exclusive access to the best local hideaway and viewpoints and see the sun rest over inspiring Noosa backdrops.  Let go of any unresolved tension as you are guided through a tailored meditation session that will completely recharge you and drop you calmly into the present moment.

Any sunset session would not be complete without a toast to the day, so enjoy a selection of luxury seasonal produce and celebratory beverage. 

  • Sunset mindfulness meditation
  • Unique Views of Noosa
  • Nourishing Organic Picnic - Local Seasonal Produce
  • Yukti Botanicals Organic Refreshments
  • Digital Photographs of your Experience

Times Available

Start times change seasonally to provide the best sunset views.

Luxe Adrenalin Flights

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

If you are looking for the ultimate contrast and to experience a true rush of adrenalin then this is the experience for you. 

Fly in loops over the beauty of the Sunshine Coast and see Noosa from a whole new perspective.  If you have always wanted to have an experience of a rollercoaster in the air then a flight in an aerobatic plane will give you just that. 

A bespoke Luxe experience that gives you a choice between flying the plane yourself or sitting back and just enjoying thrill of the ride as you are turned upside down and given a whole new appreciation of Noosa's Hinterland and Coast.





  • Hands On Guided Scenic Tour Air & Land
  • Personal Host & Driver
  • Aerobatic & Hands On Flying Experience
  • Celebratory Refreshments & Light Luxe Lunch

Times Available


Luxe Adrenalin Experience

An experience with the Ultimate Mountain Views

An exclusive Luxe Experience to Abseil from the peak of Mount Timbeerwah. A tailored adrenalin fuelled escape abseiling 100 meters over Mount Timbeerwah into the tropical forest with a hands free fall at the bottom to complete your experience. Then enjoy a Luxe tailored picnic of Noosa's finest local produce and organic refreshments whilst taking in some of the best coastal and hinterland views in Noosa.

  • Experienced Grab Rock Guides & All Equipment
  • Exclusive 100 Meter Abseil Experience
  • Luxury Picnic of Local Fine Foods of Noosa
  • Champagne or Premium Beer

Times Available




This tailored experience has a strictly limited number of bookings per month and is best done earlier in the morning to make the most of the calm, cooler morning conditions in Summer.

Pick Up from Resort:   5am   :    6am   :   7am   :   8am


Luxe Fine Dining Experience

Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul.

  • Personal Pick up and Return
  • Guided Tour of Noosa's Best Vantage Points
  • Luxury Fine Dining Experience with Matching Wine
  • Restaurant Choice Tailored to your Dining Style

Times Available

Enjoy an exclusive tailored menu and dining experience with the Finest Restaurants in Noosa. You will be taken for a tour of some of Noosa's beautiful vantage points before arriving at your restaurant in style and enjoying a carefully curated menu that highlights not only the signature dishes of the restaurant but the way to experience each restaurant from pre-dinner cocktails by the bar to exploring a tropical garden for a personalised meditation. Your dining style will be matched with the best restaurant for you.


Bookings are available for lunch and dinner experiences.

It is advisable to make your booking well in advance of your arrival to Noosa.


Indulge in a completely personalised Luxe Escape

Whether it's a celebration of you, a special occasion, a wedding gift or an anniversary occasion.  Luxe Escapes are here to dedicate their time to creating your ultimate luxury in Noosa from private charter and personal concierge to uniquely Noosa experiences, private dining and spa.

Allow Luxe Escapes to make those moments in Noosa truly memorable. We work with the best to deliver an authentic and personalised experience of Australia's true paradise destination. 

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