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5 Steps to Winter Wellbeing - In Noosa


5 Steps to Winter Wellbeing - In Noosa

The cold snap has hit in many parts of Australia. This is the time of year when many of us would like to hibernate in a warm cocoon until the chills of Winter are melted away in the Springtime. Unless you're a bear this is not an option, so here are some Luxe tips to make the most of a Visit to Noosa. 

Hot Summer Bodies are made in Winter

It's hard to get yourself out of bed but when you know a good friend is waiting for you freezing their own behind the sense of loyalty can support you to rug up and just get to it. Make your effort worthwhile by enjoying a cup of tea or coffee after your efforts and having a catch up before you begin the day. Knowing that you will be feeling that warmth from your workout as well as that sense of connection right through your day is a great motivator to commit to a regular buddy-workout session.
If you're in Noosa.
A Luxe Fitness Experience shared with a friend or a partner is a great way to learn some new wellbeing strategies to return home with and have someone to keep you motivated. Whether it be your partner or your best friend. A Luxe experience shared will turn your Winter into a training ground for the ultimate Summer body. 
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Hot Stone Massage - Warm up your soul

If you have not enjoyed a hot stone massage before, Winter is the perfect time to indulge. Hot Stones have an amazing way of warming you up and helping to release tight and sore muscles as well as relieving your whole body of stress. If you're looking for a beautiful Luxe Style experience that incorporates the use of Hot Stones whilst in Noosa we have partnered with the best in the industry so ask us here.

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Find the Warmest Place in the Sun

While it is cold on land in the early hours the Suns warmth spreads across the Noosa River. If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a Luxe Paddle experience at Sunrise you will know that this is the ultimate place to catch the early morning sun. With the sunrise reflecting off a river like glass and the water temperature Noosa so warm you will know you are in a tropical paradise. Top it off with our exclusive mindfulness relaxation and you will be ready to return home with a new appreciation of what it's like to be truly present.

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Warm Up with a Nourishing Local Soup

At Luxe we source everything in our experiences locally and are always on the search for incredibly tasty and nourishing local produce. Soups are a fabulous way to provide your body with essential nutrients and provide an instant immunity boost. Nourishing Whole-foods has a beautiful range of soups prepared fresh each Sunday for our local Farmers Markets and a Luxe favourite is definitely the recent special edition of the Chicken Soup on an aged miso base. A healthy indulgence for those looking for a simple yet fine-tasting meal to boost your wellbeing.

Celebrate a Winter Sunset

Whilst the days of Summer may be longer, the Sunsets of Winter in Noosa are something to be enjoyed. Celebrate the milder temps with a beautifully prepared Luxe Picnic Hamper or Winter Seasonal Tasting Platter for two prepared for you to enjoy whilst overlooking the sunset from a secluded location away from the crowds. Allow our personal driver to pick you up, deliver and host you for the ultimate romantic Winter indulgence. Wellbeing is about feeling good from the inside out.

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