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Sunrise in Noosa
How to get the most out of your stay in Noosa


Sunrise in Noosa<br /> How to get the most out of your stay in Noosa

It’s summer in Noosa and as visitors begin to arrive to enjoy time off in our beautiful piece of paradise, Luxe wants to invite you to experience Noosa differently. Allow us to introduce you to a Noosa sunrise experience.

If you want to find the quieter more sacred spaces of Noosa and you would like to avoid the crowds we suggest that you get to know the early mornings. Here are 8 reasons why it is well worth missing a sleep in for an early morning rise.

A quiet peaceful walk along the Noosa National Park Coastal Track.

Our National Park Coastal Walk is one of the most picturesque in Australia and a beautiful way to start your day in Noosa. It is also the easiest track to find so can get quite busy during our summer holidays. If you like to walk at your own pace with plenty of personal space, we suggest that, rather than cursing the birds at 4am and burying yourself under a pillow, you take this time to explore.

Enjoy the early morning scent of tea trees as you pass through Tea Tree Bay and pause to reflect as you look out over Granite Bay taking in the immensity of the ocean with the soundscape of the waves crackling over granite stones.

Experience a complete sense of calm standing at the top of Hells Gates and watch as the turtles bob up for air down below. Look over to your right and you will see another beautiful stretch of beach Alexandria Bay.

First Steps in the Sand on Sunshine Beach

There is something sacred about being the first to place your footprints on the sand at sunrise on Sunshine Beach. It is a fabulous morning walk, from the Surf Club to the top of the stairs at the North End. You’ll also be privy to the best view of the Southern Beaches of Noosa. If you are visiting at the right time of year you may be lucky enough to spot baby turtles shimmying down the beach.

Stand Up Paddle over the Noosa River

Stand Up Paddle boarding is also enjoyed best at 5am. Cut your paddle through the Noosa River like soft butter and float across a mirror like surface in any direction you choose. See a huge variety of birdlife and spot a ray flying under your board. Let the early sunlight warm your shoulders and if you paddle to the right location you will find yourself surrounded by nature with only the sound of the birds and the distant surf break where the river meets the sea (book a Luxe Experience to learn exactly where we mean).

Vitamin D and more youthful skin

Enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D without turning into a lobster. Whilst it is still important to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin, the earlier light of the day is not as harsh as when the sun rises high so you are less likely to get burnt when you get out during this softer light. Over time your skin will thank you for opting for this earlier sun exposure with a more youthful looking complexion and a reduced risk of skin cancer.

Best Photos are taken at first light

Noosa is well known as a picture perfect destination, however if you would like to make your friends extra jealous, first light is one of the best times of day to capture her natural beauty (it is also the best light for a selfie if you’re after that perfect Noosa holiday image for your social media profile).

You will always find a car park near the beach

If you are driving to the beach, Hastings Street can get jam-packed during school holidays. Unless the word has gotten out that the surf is cranking, you are likely to find an easy park first thing in the morning. Even if you are arriving on foot, this is the time of morning to make your way down to the beach for a quiet swim and enjoy the solitude of those first waves and the clear waters of Noosa’s main beach. Take a swim out to first point and then enjoy a quiet coffee and healthy fruit salad from Sails on the beach when you return.

Enjoy Pilates-by-the-sea

Ease into your morning with a Pilates by the Sea Class or Personalised Session and enjoy the sounds of the river and the ocean as you move your body in mindfully flowing sequences guaranteed to leave your core toned and strong.

Best produce at the local Farmers Market on a Sunday

We may get shot for letting you in on this one but the best produce at the Farmers Markets is saved for those early risers who can get to the markets before the rest of Noosa awakens. At 6:30, you will be able to find a park, gather all your local produce, pick the freshest and most beautiful roses and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or a dose of health by way of a smoothie at the Sunflower Hotel (our pic is the Mother Earth with fresh mint and cacao for a real kick).

There is so much peace to take in at this time of the morning and whilst it is a time for holidays and getting some rest why not take a siesta instead of a sleep-in and experience Noosa a little differently this summer.

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