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Luxe Loves a Romantic Gesture


Luxe Loves a Romantic Gesture

5 Ways to make this Valentines Day count! 

We get so caught up in the busyness of life that we often forget to acknowledge that special person who wakes and retires with us every day. There are some dates in the year like Valentine's Day, Anniversaries and Birthdays that are not just an excuse for a gift but an opportunity to genuinely celebrate our gratitude for those we hold dear in our lives.

Flowers may die, chocolates will be eaten (and you’ll endure the aftermath of guilt) but the gift of experience lives on in our memories and the reward of planning something special for your loved one will always be worth it. Here are some tips to make this Valentine's Day a time to really reconnect with the one you love.

Be Authentic – Show them that you know who they are.

If you’re reading this anywhere before the end of January then you have some time to up your sleeve to really listen to your partner. You may be surprised how easily you can pick up  on their needs. I wish I had more time to…. If only we could just go… Remember when we used to… these are all hints towards WHAT I WOULD REALLY LOVE IS.... If you are not being offered these freely in general conversation then feel free to prompt with questions like:

If you could take a day off and do anything you like, what would you be doing right now?

Failing this approach, get in touch with their closest friend or their brother/ sister who will no doubt have a few if not many ideas for you.

Still needing some assistance? In a recent Luxe survey these were the most common responses for what couples would spend their time doing if you were given a day to check out of their busy life:

  • Quality time without the daily demands of work/home/kids
  • Sleep (together, without children)
  • Time together just to be
  • A lovely meal out without distractions of phone/ business/work/kids
  • Enjoy an active outdoor experience together
  • Escape to a beautiful destination for a night (we highly recommend Noosa)
  • Explore somewhere new

Step back in time

Do you remember when you first met? Spend some time and take yourselves back to that place, that time when you were newly in love. Whether that was a couple of months ago or a few decades ago, there is something about recreating special moments in your past that can re-ignite and remind you why you fell in love in the first place. It could be as simple as a drink at a bar you use to frequent or listening to a band you once saw together.

Actions speak louder than words from the heart

How does it feel when your partner tells you something that they really love about you? Heart fills up and chest puffs out right? Why not remind them of the little things that make them special. All you need is a pen, some place cards and 20 minutes of creative thinking time. Write down a series of compliments, each on a separate card and place them in random places you know he/she will be looking throughout the day. If you’re time poor then you can simply place them into a gift-wrapped box.

Plan something different unique - Combine Active with Indulgence
Leave it to the Luxe experts in Bespoke Luxury Experiences

Why not create a unique combination of all of the above and book a Luxe Experience or Escape with your partner?  We will add our personal touch by incorporating an element of your personality to ensure your valentine has a day in Noosa they’ll remember fondly forever.  Our active experiences are a great way to spend some healthy time with your partner, complete with afternoon treats and a glass of wine in a quiet, peaceful outdoor location.


Book your celebration before February 14th and receive a complimentary bottle of champagne to enjoy with your loved one. 
Just include the LUXECODE in your comments when you book your Escape/Experience.



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