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Luxe loves to fly over Noosa


Luxe loves to fly over Noosa

If you thought that aerobatics was only for the Red Bull Air crews then think again. If you enjoy the mixture of adrenalin and luxury then Luxe’s High Flyer experience is for you.

Aerobatics is defined as precise maneuvering in three-dimensional space. Enjoy an incredible view of Noosa’s coastline and river system whilst giving you a rollercoaster like ride through the air. You will be in the safe hands of our experienced pilots who will ensure your flight is perfectly tailored for your enjoyment

Colin Appleton is an experienced aerobatic pilot who turned his hobby into a business to share the experience with those who wanted to get a taste of aerobatics. He describes aerobatics as “As wild or mild a ride as one can handle. Rolls, dives, twists and turns with high G Forces (double that of most extreme rollercoaster rides).”

We took to the sky with Colin to learn a little more about what has driven him to his profession and what he loves about Noosa.

Lets start with a few quick questions on aerobatics.

What is aerobatics?

Difficult and exciting movements of an airplane often performed for competition or entertainment.

What got you into aerobatics?

It’s exciting!

What is your favourite aerobatic maneuver?

Tail Slide (starts from level flight with a 1/4 loop up into a straight vertical climb (at full power) until the aircraft loses momentum.)

What was your most memorable flight?

Flying from Hobart to Sunshine Coast in a very small aircraft with only one stop.

Ok, so what brought you to Noosa?

Holiday atmosphere year round. Small enough to be a friendly community, large enough to have good infrastructure and everything I need.

Top three places to visit whilst in Noosa?

National Park, Hastings Street / Main Beach, Gympie Terrace / Noosa River

Luxe high flyers is the Luxe adventurer who likes to push the boundaries and move beyond the every day tour. If you enjoy unique luxury experiences that will elevate your spirit instantly then a Luxe High Flying adventure is for you.



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