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Luxe Loves to Shop at The Luxe Movement Co


Luxe Loves to Shop at The Luxe Movement Co

Noosa locals and visitors have been waiting a long time for this beautiful Luxe edition to Hastings Street.

The Luxe Movement Co. is the perfect compliment to Noosa's envious active coastal lifestyle. Taking you effortlessly from Studio/Noosa National Park walk to Street/Shopping/Breakfast with little more than a change of shoes the Luxe Movement Co. really is the ultimate in Luxe sports wear.

Owner Paige Walters has a keen eye for both style and function with a selection of high end Australian Sports Luxe brands that perform well and look amazing. Paige also gives a personalised service that is rare to find with a real passion for making any woman not only look great but feel glamorous and cared for.

Paige’s envious range of Luxe Active and Evening Wear will have you dressed from Sunrise through to After Dark.

30 Seconds with the beautiful Paige Walters:

1. Why did you decide to open The Luxe Movement Co?

The Luxe Movement Co. was established because of my mad addiction to two things; fitness and fashion. As a very active person, I always found it a challenge to find fashion forward activewear that I could wear throughout my day. Opening my own store was something I had wanted to do for a long time but it was all about the right timing, the perfect location and offering something of interest to our community. Being into both fitness and fashion, I already had an extensive knowledge of the amazing Australian activewear labels. Many of Australia's best Sports Luxe designers have been hidden due to being sold exclusively online. I wanted to be able to provide my clients with an in store experience where they could feel the fabrics, try things on and fall in love with the garments as I much as I have. As a society we are becoming more conscious of living an active lifestyle and integrating fitness into our day. I thought what better time than the present to fulfil one of my wildest dreams and provide the outfits to match.

2. What’s different about the Luxe Movement Co?

The Luxe Movement Co. provides people with something different. Our product can be described as 'sportluxe.' In a nutshell, this means we can dress you in unique pieces that will get you through your entire day without looking like you have spent it at the gym. We place our attention on functional workout pieces that transition easily to everyday wear so active people can focus more on being active and healthy and less on having to change their outfit to fulfill their schedule. Our philosophy is based around a few key elements. We are very selective with the labels that are stocked in store. We look for quality fabrics and Australian labels that are sought after but not easily accessible in stores. Our point of difference comes from combining functionality with luxurious fabrics, prints and colour.

We carry only one of each size in each style so that when you make a purchase, you have an exclusive product and can rest assured that the chances of running (literally) into someone wearing the same outfit are very slim. We are always extending ourselves to provide a very personalised service and are always happy to place custom orders with our brands to ensure our client gets the perfect outfit for them. Our customer is the most important thing to us and being an owner run business, we are driven by providing a high standard of customer service to each individual who walks through the door. Many of our customers have become friends and they really drive the business and are what makes it flourish.

3. Why do you love living in Noosa?

What's not to love about Noosa? The people are absolutely divine! It is such a supportive and welcoming community and I don't think there could possibly be a better place on this Earth to raise my two boys. There is just so much to do and discover here. I live in the hinterland so not only do I get the country feeling on acreage, I also get the beautiful beaches and atmosphere of Hastings Street at my doorstep. I love that! I love that the community is active and health conscious and 'outdoorsy.'

Top three places to visit whilst in Noosa are:

  1. Noosa National Park
  2. You can't miss a dip in the ocean and a stand up paddle on the canals
  3. Hastings Street to visit The Luxe movement Co of course

Favourite piece of Luxe active wear at the moment?

My snow leopard compression tights by Vie Active and my black merino tee also by Vie Active. The compression and the high filament fabric of the tights are second to none and the print is crazy and as for the merino... if you haven't added at least one merino piece to your active Luxe wardrobe then you haven't lived! Not only does it feel incredible, it keeps you dry and doesn't hold odours from sweat. Genius!

Best Clients response to your current range?

I love it when someone comes out of the change-room with a great pair of tights on and says they make them feel so good and secure. That's what it's all about. If I can make people feel good then I'm doing my job. I also have my posse` of Luxe addicts who love me and hate me all at the same time for fuelling their new addiction to Luxe Activewear. Clients being excited about my concept; they are a growing breed and I love them all.

What makes a great piece of active wear?

A great piece of activewear has to tick three boxes. It has to be functional first and foremost. Then it has to be of the highest possible quality fabric, which in turns makes it comfortable. Once you get those two things, it just has to tick the last box; fashion. A unique print or design with clever ingenuity like a pocket for your keys, a loophole for your headphones or a high waist in a pair of tights to provide optimum support are all key. I know something is good if I can't stop touching the fabric.

What are the best ways to stay healthy in Noosa?

Get outdoors and explore. Explore the canals and mangroves on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Explore the National Park walking tracks and shop for local produce. There are so many great local growers and the farmers markets are a great way to get your hands on some great local produce. Noosa is such a family friendly place, the most important thing to me is getting your kids involved and educating them on how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What will a Luxe Client get when they visit your store?

A Luxe client will get excited to find Luxe Activewear that is of incredible quality and they will be guaranteed to find something in store that they haven't seen anywhere else. As a Luxe client they will receive a 10% discount on their purchase in store on providing the code word.




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