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George X Betty at Noosa Marina


Luxe loves to shop <br /> George X Betty at Noosa Marina

If it has been a while since you were last in Noosa and you have an eye for  style then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn of all the new boutiques popping up around town.  Like many of Noosa's attractions, as beautiful as it is, there is more to be experienced than the Noosa Main Beach.  Before making your way to The Catalina for one of their spectacular Saltwater Sunday's why not spend a morning down at the Noosa Marina for some beautiful markets and discover a gorgeous new boutique George X Betty owned by local fashion editor of In Noosa Magazine Heidi Saunders.  Luxe loves to encourage playfulness and what better way for our Luxe Ladies to play than finding the best fashion in Noosa.  We recently visited Heidi (Hay-dee) for some time taking in her gorgeous view of the Noosa River to learn more about her brand story and the infamous George & Betty.  

Why did you choose to place your boutique at the Noosa Marina?

I think Tewantin has a lot of potential, and I had being eyeing off the space for over a year. I love that it’s easy to get to with plenty of parking and no matter what the weather I am surrounded by a beautiful view of the Noosa River. And who doesn't love a water view!

Who is George and who is Betty?

My grandparents.  Betty was an extremely admirable, stylish and hard working woman.  She loved fashion but always put her families needs first.  Lipstick was a must and she did not believe in cheap underwear!  Good underwear makes an outfit perfect.

George was a loveable beach boy with his blonde wavy hair, and he always wore leather sandals. A trendy brick layer! He had so much love for my Nan.

I really love their names togethers and coming from The Entrance on the NSW Coast, I think they really suit the vibe of the store.

What is unique about the range you have in your store?

I have always had quite a different style and love to try new things.  I think that shows through the store.  George & Betty offers sophisticated and timeless pieces as well as fun, statement items for both men and women. We also love to support local labels and designers and carry a range of local fashion and home wares in store.

Where did your love of fashion begin?

Growing up wasn't an easy time for me, but I always remember standing in the Cue section at Myer and promising myself that I will somehow, be that person one day. There is a certain power that comes with dressing well and feeling good and from a young age it has always worked for me.

I think it would also have something to do with my mum and aunty training me to shop since I was a baby! My mum always encouraged us to be who we were and wear what we wanted which wasn't always easy living in a small country town. She has always been a very classic and stylish woman, exactly like Betty.

My style has never been inline with trends! It’s more about what I love, pieces that are versatile are a must. I also love that you can be so adventurous with fashion and your personal style. It really is a reflection of who you are and who you want to be.

What is the quintessential Noosa must have style for Autumn 2016?

Olive green. I say Khaki but I think this scares people a little as they think of army uniforms and cargo pants! But we are going to start seeing a lot of olive green start coming through in everything from tailored pieces to mens tees.

What would you recommend as a must do when visiting the Noosa Marina?

Eat, shop and boat! We are spoilt for choice with food here at the marina with all the restaurants and cafes. Each retail store is so different with unique and special finds for everyone of all ages and of course being the Marina, boats! A ferry ride is always a perfect way to unwind around Noosa, as well as the floating restaurants and cruises.

Why do you love living in Noosa?

The Lifestyle. I love the relaxed energy, the fact that we have warm sunshine on our skin for the majority of the year, the National Park and of course the ocean. I am a Pisces which I think is why I always turn to the ocean when I need grounding or healing.

What is the ultimate must have for a girls weekend away in Noosa?

I think everyone needs to visit the National Park at least once when they visit Noosa!  It is so beautiful and always so different.  The Granola Bowl at Bistro C is a must, a swim at Little Cove and of course cocktails and dinner at any one of the amazing restaurants we are spoilt for choice with.  We love going to Wood Fire Grill or Thomas Corner and of course a little shopping experience at George & Betty!


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