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Luxe - A mindful experience of Noosa


Luxe - A mindful experience of Noosa

When was the last time you felt completely at peace with yourself and inspired by your surrounding?  That welcomed sensation of having nothing on your mind and no need to be anywhere or do anything. That feeling you get when you are completely present in the moment and in that moment open to experiencing everything that is happening in your immediate environment.

The fact that most of us can’t even remember when such a time existed is concerning and at the same time creates the perfect catalyst for a change to be made right now.

Mindfulness is becoming a hot topic which is a great move into the present moment as many of us are rushing towards a future that hasn't even occurred yet or stressing over events of our past for which we cannot change.  So what is mindfulness and why is it important for us to practice it in our daily lives?

As defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn one of the first to apply mindfulness techniques:

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,”

By paying attention to and heightening our senses to what is occurring in the present moment we are able to become more attune with being in the moment and has been shown to substantially improve mental and physical health.

A common theme that ties all Luxe Experiences is our focus on mindfulness and bringing you into a relaxed state of total awareness through unique experiences that heighten your senses to all that is happening in your immediate environment.

How many times have you visited a beautiful restaurant to find that most of the patrons are either busy on their smart phones or inhaling their meal within minutes of it being served. 


Here are some areas that you may find that you are wasting far too much time on and losing productivity in your day.

In a time where we continue to increase the pace of living and it becomes a competition with how busy our lives are it is important to STOP and explore why this has become the norm and then ask a very important question of ourselves. Do I want this to be my normality in the future? The thoughts we have today create our reality for tomorrow so if you are searching for a more peaceful existence competing on your busyness quotient is not taking you in the right direction.

and begin to create more of these moments throughout your day.

Ideally, if you could contact us and jump on the next plane we could create this moment for you in Noosa however given that this is not necessarily possible here are a few ways that you can begin to create these moments for yourself with minimal time or investment required.

1.Find a space where you can be uninterrupted for a few minutes (we can see you rolling your eyes and if it has to be a toilet cubicle so be it).




Eating is an activity that many of us do semi-automatically.  We go out to restaurants with our partners and spend most of the time on our smart phone in another place altogether.  We see eating as something that can be multi-tasked

at our computer as we are working to 

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