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How to move and eat in Autumn!


Seasonal Shifts <br /> How to move and eat in Autumn!

It has been an incredible Summer of sunshine and blue skies in Australia.  If you have been training through the Summer months you have probably been opting for less sweat inducing styles of exercise like swimming and water-based exercise or early morning and evening runs.  As we approach a new season it is a great time to take a step back and appreciate the subtle changes that this new season brings.  A change in season is a great time to embrace a new routine and make small changes that will support your body's wellbeing. 

5 Essential Ingredients to an Autumn Change

Mix it up - Do your Exercise differently

Use this shift to mix up your routine and work your body in a new way.  As Autumn brings cooler starts to the day why not give a higher intensity workout a go.  It can be anything from changing your flat walk to an undulated path, speeding up sections of your route to a new faster pace or finding some stairs or hills to charge up.  Make sure that you warm up efficiently and give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to stretch and breathe at the end of your workout.  Whether it is changing the speed, distance or intensity of your workout, changing your routine will prevent you from getting bored and more importantly prevent you from a plateau in your results.

Get into Nature

There are some great lifestyle activities such as horse-riding, hiking, cycling, rock-climibing that are far more enjoyable in a milder temperature.  Find locations that allow you to take in the changes of colour in nature and look at activities that you haven't tried before.  Notice that by doing something new you will notice new muscles, develop new skills and challenge your brain to create new neural pathways.  This has the added benefit of enhancing your mental and neurological wellbeing as well as your physical fitness.

Remember to Hydrate

As it gets cooler we often forget to take in as much water.  It is just as important to stay hydrated in these months and ensure your body is getting the water it needs to keep your body functioning well.  Add in a herbal tea to help provide further micronutrients to your body and notice the warm yet hydrating effect that it has on your body as the days begin to cool.

Eating for the Seasons

Eating foods that are seasonally available helps to nourish our body more effectively and supports good digestions, absorption and overall immunity.  Locally grown fruits and vegetables bought fresh and in season contain a higher percentage of available nutrients and are also richer in flavour.  Not only are you supporting your own bodies wellbeing but you are also supporting your local economy by purchasing from local growers and decreasing your carbon footprint by reducing the distance travelled and energy cost for food to reach your table.   Foods that are great in March include Pears, Apples and Figs and Persimmon whilst vegetables such as Pumpkin, Eggplant (Aubergine), and nuts including Almonds, Walnuts, Macadamias and Pecans. 


Mindful Autumn Meditation

Well this last one is good anytime of the year.  Find a comfy space to sit, preferably in nature and simply observe the shift of seasons around  you.  Take 5 minutes in your day to simply be still and breathe in this change of season.  Close your eyes and create an empowering vision of what you would like to create in your own life.  What daily practices are required for you to be in a healthy and happy state a month from now?  

Your wellbeing and lifestyles goals don't have to be huge they can be as simple as: 

  • Try a new herbal tea to keep me hydrated
  • Add a dose of vitamin C to my routine to boost my immunity
  • Find a new nature trail to run/walk
  • Do something I've always wanted to try but only thought about (Horse-riding, Surfing, Tennis, Kite-surfing, Pilates, Running)
  • Remember to stop and breathe more often
  • Change the way that I train my body
  • Try a new fitness class
  • Create a menu for my family based on foods that are in season
  • Take a trip away by myself/friends/partner to reconnect with my goals
  • Go through personal achievements in my day before retiring to bed 
Make this the start of a regular practice with every change of the season.  Reflect on what the past season has created for you and where you are right now and then look to what you would like to create in the next 3 months.  3 month blocks are a great way to break wellbeing goals down into manageable chunks of time and a good way to tune your body into the seasons to allow them to support you better in your life. 






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