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Sun is still shining in Noosa - Natural Skin Care Tips from Cocooil


Sun is still shining in Noosa - Natural Skin Care Tips from Cocooil

With these beautiful Autumn Days emerges a distinctly cooler element to Noosa. While the sun is less harsh than the months of Summer, protecting your skin is a year long commitment, particularly when in Noosa. Whether you are enjoying your time on a Luxe Stand Up Paddle Experience or taking a dip into the ocean at First Point, Noosa Main Beach. It is important to protect your skin from the elements.

At Luxe we have worked hard to source natural/local products where possible for our guests to use and are lucky enough to have come across an absolute gem, "Cocooil sunscreen", right here in Noosa. We caught up with Amelia, co-founder of the Cocooil Skincare Range to learn more about her background and passion for their product. In this post we look at why a natural sunscreen is an important option for your skin and what you can do to be sun smart whilst in Noosa.

What were you doing before you launched COCOOIL?

Before COCOOIL, I founded a women’s fashion brand Millie.
I brought fast fashion, feminine colourful dresses to New Zealand for the beach girl at heart, which made a splash and created a cult following. Importing from Australia, China and I also launched our own range Millie "Made in New Zealand" with a focus on beautiful fabrics crepe de chine silks and cotton/linen dresses of the highest quality.
Opening my first store Millie Boutique on Ponsonby road, in Auckland New Zealand in 2010 then launched my online eCommerce store in 2011 the same year opened my second Millie Boutique on Takapuna Beach, Auckland.We sold Millie in November 2013 to start our new adventure COCOOIL.

Why did you choose to develop a natural sunscreen?

COCOOIL started with a love of coconut oil, the Pacific Islands and a vision of a natural suncare range formulated with fair trade certified organic cold pressed coconut oil, whilst on a trip to Tonga in 2011.  I love the beach, sunshine and a healthy dose of Vitamin D, so you need a good broad spectrum sunscreen but I wanted the main ingredient to be coconut oil for its vast array of health benefits.  There was no sunscreen brand on the market with the main ingredients being 100% natural botanical oils with broad spectrum UV protection.

What is unique about your COCOOIL Suncare range?

Most sunscreen oils are formulated with a base of mineral oil which is a byproduct of the distillation of petroleum & is carcinogenic to humans.  We wanted to formulate an SPF oil with only 100% natural botanical oils with the main ingredient being certified fair trade cold pressed organic coconut oil of the highest concentrate sourced sustainably in the Pacific Islands, supporting local communities whist bringing you the highest quality coconut oil available.
Also unlike most sunscreen, lotions or oils, we wanted the primary task of the products to feed your skin with nutrients whilst hydrating and nourishing, as when the skin retains its moisture it aids in the prevention of premature ageing and helps reduce UV damage.  Botanical oils are the perfect ingredients as they carry natural SPF values although not enough protection to use only an oil whist playing in our beautiful but strong sun. They also have the greatest emollient properties out of any ingredient.  
The second task would be to protect the skin from the suns UVA and UVB rays with the safest, most superior broad spectrum UV filter available.  After 2+ years, 11 product formulations and 11 in vivo SPF tests here in Australia, COCOOIL Suncare was born. We were granted a patent on December 24th 2014 for Natural Botanical Oil SPF Formulations comprising of all UV filters.
When is the best time to apply COCOOIL SPF?

Here in Australia, sunscreen is a year round necessity. So our COCOOIL SPF products are perfect before you head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. With any sunscreen you should always reapply frequently throughout the day to protect your skin.

How can we be sun safe?

Choose cosmetics that offer UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection, wear sunglasses with UV Protection & straw hats are perfect summer staple!  Avoid being in the sun for long periods of time from 11am - 3pm if you do want to have some fun in the sun between these times just remember to be sun smart.  Wear sunscreen and always remember to reapply after swimming.

If you had to describe COCOOIL in three words, they would be…

Luxury Natural Suncare.

Do you have any new COCOOIL products coming soon?

Yes we have some NEW coconut oil based beauty & suncare products in the pipeline.. will keep you posted!

Why did you choose Noosa to live?

It is Paradise here in Noosa.
When we were launching COCOOIL at the same time I had say goodbye to my mum who passed away from cancer.
As any daughter knows saying goodbye to their mum is probably one of the hardest things you can face.  But when life throws you some trials & challenges you must find the silver lining, have gratitude for your blessings and be brave enough to follow your bliss.  So we escaped the Sydney hustle and bustle to be by the ocean and here we are in our bliss..NOOSA. Our slice of Paradise.

How would spend a day escape in Noosa?

Coffee/brekkie at Noosa Hot Bread Shop in Noosa Junction, then spend the morning walking/running national park walk, then finish with a swim in the ocean and relaxing afternoon at the beach.

Where is your favourite beach to spend a lazy sunday?

Noosa Main Beach or Sunrise Dog Beach with our babies Rocky & Bear.

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