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The Glorious Difference - Adding stylish designs to Luxe picnics.


The Glorious Difference - Adding stylish designs to Luxe picnics.


Summer in Noosa is a great time to make your way to a quiet space and enjoy a picnic. Whether it be a mid morning brunch after a Stand Up Paddle on Noosa's beautiful river or an evening share tapas after hiking to the lookout at sunset, there is something special about taking the time to dine in amongst the beauty of nature.  We were quite surprised how challenging it can be to find a stylish picnic blanket with the perfect balance of functionality and luxury and were therefore really happy when we happened upon a local Australian brand "The Glorious Difference".  With designs that capture the eye, these gorgeous blankets are the perfect compliment to a Luxe Nature Brunch.  Co-founder Rebecca gave us an insight into her own Glorious Difference in design and a shared love of Noosa. 

How did you start the Glorious Difference?

It had been a dream of ours to start our own design business.  It was a natural progression with Wesley’s product design background and my love of art and design.  In 2012 we took the plunge and haven’t regretted it.  It’s been a great creative outlet for us and really rewarding. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you see someone enjoying something you’ve made.

What made you decide on the Picnic Rugs as your key product?

Living near the beach we have a deep appreciation for the outdoors. A picnic is such a fun way to catch up with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s nothing like spending a few hours outside enjoying nature, good food and great company. We felt that there was a gap in the market for inspiring, good quality and hardwearing picnic rugs, so we decided to create our own.

What are the elements that make a perfect Summer picnic?

A great possie, a comfy rug, good friends, food, drinks and shade!

Why are “The Glorious Difference” rugs unique?

Our picnic rugs are thoughtfully designed to create an inspiring atmosphere perfect for socializing and are great conversation starters. Our picnic blankets are uniquely padded making extended picnics much more comfortable. They are also perfect for baby tummy-time. They are built Australia-tough with marine-grade materials that are UV resistant, water-proof and machine washable.

In what way are your rugs eco-friendly?

Our picnic rugs are designed with one of our favourite mantras in mind - “buy it once”. So much is considered disposable in our world. We wanted to create picnic rugs that were practical and would last the test of time, especially in the harsh Australian climate. They also needed to be visually appealing with designs that would not date.

What do you love most about Noosa?

Noosa is full of such friendly people and it has a magnificent coastline with beautiful beaches and an abundance of wildlife. It’s a very precious part of Australia. We’re fortunate enough to have family up that way and we love going up to visit.

What are the top three items for any Sumner picnic?

A great picnic rug to sit on, an esky to keep your food and drinks cool and reusable plates and cutlery.

Do you have a favourite design and why?

The High Tea design is a favourite of ours, partly because it was so much fun to create. We created the image from scratch taking photos of teapots and cakes. We worked with a very talented, local graphic designer, Cheryl Read, who helped bring the design to life.

What does 2016 hold for the Glorious Difference?

Lots we hope! Apart from our picnic rugs, we’ll be putting a lot of love into our other products, including our “Vanish” furniture range and “Connected” surfboard. We also recently launched the “X-Ray” bag, which is doing really well so fa

What will a Luxe reader receive when they purchase one of your beautiful rugs?

A product that will provide many years of comfort and fun in the beautiful outdoors!

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If you are heading out to picnic in and around Noosa make sure that you contribute to keeping our beautiful Noosa Shire free from rubbish by using reusable items where you can and taking an extra bag to not just clean up after yourselves but any additional rubbish you find along the way. If we all take pride in our natural environments we will keep them pristine for future generations to enjoy for many years to come.


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