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Life's Instructions - Are they useful?


Life's Instructions - Are they useful?

From the time that we take our first breath we are given instructions for life.  Some of those instructions are helpful others.....well, many of them can be extremely destructive.  These instructions are so subtle that we often don't even notice them in our daily life.

Answer that email now, you have to phone that person by today, you're not working hard enough, don't be too bold, work harder than anyone else, money doesn't grow on trees, there's no such thing as a free dinner, time is not on your side, you have to get that to me by yesterday, man up, put your big girl panties on, don't you dare show emotion, you're so weak, you need to toughen up, eat less,  you need to go to the gym...

This is just some of what is going on in many minds each day and we wonder why we have a population with a rise in stress related health conditions and a high rate of suicide?

One of the biggest challenges we face today as individuals and as a society is that we have lost the ability to listen to our own inner guidance.

Have you ever had that experience where you suddenly take a step back off the curb and moments after a car swoops past?  Or someone's name pops into your head and they call moments later?  There is a subtle voice that can truly guide us, yet we have a habit of allowing the noise of life to take over and the pseudo ideals of society to have a bigger voice than the one we have been given for our own survival.

Want to connect to that inner wisdom in an instant?

1.  Take 5 Minutes away from your day

2.  Stand in a relaxed position

3.  Close your eyes

4.  Slow your breath

5.  Feel your heart beating

6.  Acknowledge it for all that it does

7.  Notice your body adjusting itself to maintain balance?

Note: This subtlety is representative the subtleness of your inner voice, notice that you had to slow down to become aware of this movement?

8.  Notice that your awareness of yourself is expanding and the noise of the outside world is diminishing. 

9.  Open your eyes.

What would happen if you were to bring this awareness of your body into each day. 

We have created Luxe Escapes to allow you to do just that and have just launched a morning retreat for an EXPRESS way to experience your inner wisdom. We believe that you have all that you need within to create new success in your life and expand your days to really begin to feel present within yourself.

Tailor your Luxe Escape to allow the shift in your life that you are looking to create.      

A Luxe Escape is built around YOU and is created for the purpose that you decide.  Whether you are wanting to shift your emotional eating habits,  rewrite your wellbeing plan or you are simply needing to create space for that new business idea to emerge.  Luxe is here to create a tailored escape or experience that provides you with the space and the tools that will bring you into that state of being in the moment and learning to listen better to you.

So if you are looking for a way to turn up the volume of your own inner guidance and return home refreshed and recharged with the ability to rise above the noise and be the director of your own life it is time you booked your Luxe Escape in Noosa. 

Want an express solution? - LUXE MORNING RETREAT

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