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Time - The New Luxury


Time - The New Luxury

For some luxury is an expensive watch or a $300 bottle of champagne that they can instagram and boast to their friends. A big house or a lovely new handbag that gives them a sense of status and importance.  For others it is the ability to experience life to its fullest and enjoy the finer things in life.  These days TIME is the new luxury as it is something that most people lack.  If you are a busy person, time is the one thing that when you get, you often have no idea what to do with.

For Luxe, having time back to oneself is an essential luxury but being able to have someone create something that uses your time in the most effective way is the ultimate luxury item for 2016.

A luxury experience has been defined as one in which one's needs/desires are anticipated and then delivered in a seamless manner.  For Luxe it is even more than this.  Beyond anticipating a need it is about integrating this experience into your life so that it makes a permanent shift towards towards MORE TIME indefinitely back to yourself and more importantly knowing how to use this time effectively towards a more complete existence. 

"Personalised luxury" is taking the time to learn enough about someone to deliver exactly what is needed in their life n a way that has the perfect balance between professionals and personal.  Whether it is a surprise Birthday cake, an uninterrupted night with the person they love for a meal totally designed for their taste or a fitness session that challenges and supports them in just the right way.  It is all about being thoughtful beyond just doing something nice.

In all events with Luxe the client remains the core focus and everything we do is created with a personal touch.  We want our clients to feel completely looked after and return home with a sense that they have had an escape that was designed just for them (because it was).

You can create your own luxury of time by beginning to listen to yourself and your own needs more carefully.  Below is a simple exercise that might assist you in creating more effective time in your life. 

How can I create more space for me this year?

Write down the unwanted feelings you currently experience on a regular basis.

Below this write the reason that you feel this might be happening in your life. 

Next to each of these feelings write what the GAP feeling (often the opposite feeling) that you are needing to fill in that moment

Below each of these write an action that you can take immediately that will give you the GAP feeling that you are after.

Below each of these ACTIONS write whether this is a DAILY  : MONTH  : QUARTERLY  : ANNUAL action that needs to be taken. 


I feel frustrated because I am always tired in the mornings

I constantly stay up watching TV and therefore don't get as much sleep as I should

I will switch off technology after 7pm at least 4 days a week

Trial this for a week, see if it makes a difference to your life and if it aligns with your life.  If it is impossible for you to keep to this make it a little easier.  Find the actions that you can take consistently and get a positive result from.  It is likely that when you start feeling great in the mornings (it won't happen over night) and this becomes natural for you, you will be less likely to fall back into the unhealthy habits. 


I feel that I am lacking time with my partner and this makes me feel unloved

We don't schedule activities together so by the time we have time we have no idea what to do with it and end up wasting time deciding what to do.

Book an activity in advance and schedule it in your calendar a month ahead of time as an appointment

You will feel that it is then organised and you will be able to get to the day and simply enjoy what you have planned.

TIME is the luxury for 2016.  It is not just making time but knowing what to do with the time when you have it.  Luxe believes in planning your precious time ahead so that you can make the most of every moment and feel more present in your life this year. 

Luxe treats you as they would a family member or a best friend with the a professional and personal touch to everything we do.  IfWhen we create a Luxe Escape it is completely tailored to you.  Your schedule, your needs and your precious time.  How you spend it wisely is our . 

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