Luxe Escapes was founded by Kelly Carthy, an experienced Wellbeing Advocate and Self Leadership Strategist with a passion to share the local hidden gems of Noosa and destinations around the world and assisting people to reconnect to the present moment through experience.  

Luxe tailors each escape and experience to create the perfect space for people who are looking to transform their life by reconnecting to nature whilst enjoying the best Noosa has to offer in fine dining, spa and lifestyle. 

A Luxe life is one rich in experiences and adventure with a priority on wellbeing, inner wisdom and lifestyle balance. While it is admirable to work hard towards life goals we are often in such a rush to get there that we forget how to be present in the moment.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the luxury of unique lifestyle and wellbeing experiences and reconnect with your own Luxe Escape.

Our Team

The Luxe Team are a collaborative network of highly trained & experienced professionals presenting a Personalised Lifestyle and Retreat experience built to compliment an individuals availability, time-frame, goals, eating style, wellbeing and activity preferences. We optimize the time available to give someone what they need most out of an escape so that they return home feeling renewed, refocused and ready to return to their life.

We have hand-picked the finest Noosa has to offer in unique luxury wellbeing and lifestyle so allow us to help you  to make the most of the present moment through a memorable authentic experience of Noosa, Australia. 

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